Save Local Long-Term Care Beds

Call upon the government to keep long-term care beds in Niagara! 

Petition to the Ontario Legislative Assembly: 

WHEREAS Seniors and their families need long-term care beds and high-quality care in their communities, and; 

WHEREAS Kilean Lodge, a local long-term care home is set to close, resulting in a devastating loss of 50 beds; and 

WHEREAS the government is using the upcoming closure as a reason to consider moving 50 of Kilean Lodge's beds out of our area; 

WHEREAS 26,500 seniors continue to go without access to a long-term care bed, as the wait list hits a new record high this year and will double to 50,000 people over the next six years;

WHEREAS Seniors now represent 15 percent of the population, up from 8 per cent in 1971. By the time all of the baby boomers have reached 65, they will make up an estimated 25 per cent of the population. Ontario's health, social, and community human resources need to be better prepared and supported to meet the needs of our aging population; 

WE the undersigned, petition the Legislative Assembly of Ontario as follows: 

THAT the Minister of Health and Long-Term Care be asked to reject any proposal to reduce the number of long-term beds in Grimsby, and to increase investment in local long-term care facilities to accommodate our growing number of seniors and their needs. 


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Thomas Woodley
Klaus Zabel
Fred Read
Jane6 Hardcastle
Shari Virtue
Susan Ksiazkiewicz
Jackie Madigan
Hailie Atlas
Roger Young
Monica Fabello
Eleanor Thorne
Evelyn Tipson
Kimi Stubbs
Rose Milne
David Thorne
Joy Lusignea
Leona Knash
Rose Woodley-Robinson
Donna O’Shaughnessy
Betty Ann Chandler
Lois Munro
Mary Dobson
Carol Dueck
John & Marjorie Pouli
Carl Buys
Ann Langbroek-Bezemer
Mary Alkema
Laura Post
Jenny Hordyk
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Sam Oosterhoff | MPP

About Sam Oosterhoff

Sam Oosterhoff is a Niagara resident with a lifelong commitment to service and community. His involvement in politics was inspired by seeing firsthand the negative impact overbearing governments have had on the families and communities of Niagara.

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