MPP Oosterhoff Joins Minister Dunlop at Local Roundtable on Human Trafficking

Published on August 27, 2019

St. Catharines - Sam Oosterhoff, MPP for Niagara West, joined Jill Dunlop, Associate Minister of Children and Women’s Issues, at a roundtable in Niagara today to discuss new approaches to combating human trafficking and supporting survivors.

Hosted at Family and Children's Service Niagara in St. Catharines, the roundtable included key members of the local Violence Against Women Coordinating Committees.

"Human trafficking is an appalling crime that threatens the safety and dignity of exploited and abused women and children," said MPP Oosterhoff, following the roundtable.

"It's a crisis that is happening across the province in large and small communities and it was important to hear from a number of active advocacy groups regarding the challenges facing victims and survivors of human trafficking.  Trafficking and exploitation are issues that are addressed in a meaningful and practical way in our government’s new Health and Physical Education curriculum."

Quick Facts:

  • Ontario is a major hub for trafficking: nearly two-thirds of police-reported human trafficking violations in Canada occur in the province.
  • In Ontario, the majority of reported cases involve sexual exploitation, and most victims are female, with Indigenous women and girls being especially vulnerable.
  • Nearly 75 per cent of human trafficking victims identified by police are under the age of 25.
  • The average age of entry into sex trafficking is 13 years old.