Ontario Reveals More Homes, More Choice

Published on May 02, 2019

A Housing Supply Action Plan to Help Niagara West

SMITHVILLE—Our government is committed to helping people struggling to find affordable housing that fits their family’s needs and budget. We have put forward a plan that will bring real relief and real choice to people in Niagara West


More Homes, More Choice: Ontario’s Housing Supply Action Plan will tackle Ontario’s housing crisis. With this plan, our government is encouraging our housing and building partners to do their part to build more housing that meets the needs of people here in Niagara West and across the province.


“Finding a home is a challenge for many in our community” said Sam Oosterhoff, MPP for Niagara West. “Our plan will make it easier to build the types of homes people are looking for at a price they can afford.”


Not all communities are like Jordan, Smithville, or Wainfleet. Not every tow needs a thirty-story building or gated communities with million-dollar homes. People need affordable places to live – whether they rent or own – that meet their needs at every stage of life. For some, that’s a home with an extra bedroom for visiting family members, or an affordable place on a bus route or near the local school. For others, it might mean living close to town, but with plenty of space for a garden and near nature trails.


The previous government created a complex housing development system that is impossible for big builders to navigate, much less individual homeowners. Red tape and government fees can add years of paperwork and thousands of dollars to the cost of an average home, which drives prices up for renters and buyers alike.


The new measures proposed in More Homes, More Choice would streamline the overly complicated approvals process to remove unnecessary duplication and red tape, while protecting health and safety, a vibrant agricultural sector and the environment – including the Greenbelt.


“We will fix the housing crisis without touching the Greenbelt. We will preserve it and all its beauty,” said Oosterhoff. “Our action plan puts people first. Whether you are buying your first home, a growing family looking for a larger place to rent, or an empty-nester downsizing into a smaller and more accessible home.”


Building more housing will also make Niagara West more attractive to businesses and investors, proving Ontario is open for business and open for jobs.



Media Contact:  Crystal Mason   crystal.mason@pc.ola.org