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To the Legislative Assembly of Ontario


  • The West Lincoln Memorial Hospital has served West Niagara very well since it was first opened in 1948, but since then has become dated and in desperate need of upgrades and redevelopment to serve the growing healthcare needs of the region;
  • The former Liberal government called redevelopment of WLMH a priority, promising that construction would begin by 2009 and after subsequent broken promises, the government’s 2012 budget cancelled the project entirely;


  • Hamilton Health Sciences announced the temporary move of some important services from the West Lincoln Memorial Hospital.

WE the undersigned petition the Legislative Assembly of Ontario as follows:

  • Engage in community consultations with respect to hospital service delivery in the West Niagara region.
  • Expedite the process of rebuilding the West Lincoln Memorial Hospital.

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**All signatures must be original and written in the given slots. Signatures on the back or side of the paper will not be accepted.**

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Maurice Beauregard
Richard Marshall
Rosemary Lambert
Beth Cooper
Darien Temprile
Rebekah Vogelaar
Ena Marr-Jang
Evelyn Vogelaar
Alyssa Abernot
Jane Morrison
Larissa Rintjema
Sara Aboulela
Emily Lohnes
Mitchel Csermak
Angelo Crupi
Phyllis Lambert
Hailey Adzija
natalie thomson
Hayley Lennox
Alex Walpac
Debra Macnaughton
Sydney-Jewel Goudswaard
Emma Macnaughton
Clare Sample
Justin Pleau
Rachel Cooper
Emily Kenner
Joel Scime
Erika Snow
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Sam Oosterhoff | MPP

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Sam Oosterhoff is a Niagara resident with a lifelong commitment to service and community. His involvement in politics was inspired by seeing firsthand the negative impact overbearing governments have had on the families and communities of Niagara.

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