Why I'm Running


There will be three voting locations:


Grimsby Town Hall

160 Livingston Avenue

Grimsby, L3M 4G3

Meeting Commences: 4:30pm

Speeches: 4:30pm – 5:15pm

Registration & Voting close: 7:00pm


Mount Hope Hall

3027 Homestead Drive

Mount Hope, L0R 1C0

Meeting Commences: 12:30pm

Speeches: 12:30pm – 1:15pm

Registration & Voting close: 3:00pm


Old Pelham Town Hall

491 Canboro Road

Ridgeville, L0S 1C0

Meeting Commences: 8:30am

Speeches: 8:30am – 9:15am

Registration & Voting close: 11:00am


When I was growing up in Niagara, my family, neighbours, and church helped instil in me the values of community, dedication and service.

I'm running to be our Progressive Conservative candidate and to serve as our next Member of Provincial Parliament to deliver on these values.

As your local representative, I will always have an open door to you. I believe that the hard-working taxpayers of Niagara know what is best for themselves, not out-of-touch Toronto elites. 

I've met thousands of our neighbours at their doors already in my campaign; here is what they expect, and what I plan to deliver as our MPP:

- I will stand up for municipality rights – the provincial government has rammed through construction of unwanted projects such as the wind turbines in West Lincoln, without consultation or regard for the legitimate concerns of residents, and I will be working to ensure this sort of intrusion does not occur again. 

- I will be a voice for commonsense, pro-family policies and concerns.

- I will defend and promote the unique industries that make our region great, from our soft-fruit producers, to our family farms, to the dozens of local manufacturers that provide stable, well paying jobs.   

- I will never waver in my support of parents as primary educators, and I will strive to ensure that parental rights are respected in education. 

- I will push for much needed infrastructure investments which have been heavily neglected under the current Ontario government.

- I will fight to secure the funding that the West Lincoln Memorial Hospital in Grimsby deserves, to ensure residents of Niagara receive the high quality healthcare they deserve.

- Finally, I will be honest and accountable. I will listen and learn from you. Queen’s Park won't change me - but I believe that together we can change Queen’s Park. 

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Sam Oosterhoff | MPP

About Sam Oosterhoff

Sam Oosterhoff is a Niagara resident with a lifelong commitment to service and community. His involvement in politics was inspired by seeing firsthand the negative impact overbearing governments have had on the families and communities of Niagara.

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